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Welcome to pacific cross vietnam

Pacific Cross Vietnam brings over 60 years of experience to the health insurance and travel insurance industry in Vietnam. We are a leading Medical Insurance Administrator specializing in Health insurance and Travel insurance for people living and working in Asia. We are part of the Pacific Cross Group of companies with operating entities in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. We have over 60 years' experience managing and designing travel insurance and health insurance products for people who call Asia home.

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American International Hospital

Contact Information

No. 6, Bac Nam 3 Street, 2,
Ho Chi Minh City, An Phu, Vietnam

Phone: (84-28) 3910-9999


Anesthesiology , Cardiology , Emergency 24/7 , Gastroenterology Hepatology , General Surgery , Nephrology Urology , Obstetrics Gynecology , Oncology , Otolaryngology ENT , Pediatric cardiology ,

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 08:00 & 13:00 - 12:00 & 17:00
Saturday - Saturday : 07:30 - 12:00
Emergency: Yes *1155

Language Spoken

  • Vietnamese, English

Direct Billing

Inpatient , Outpatient , Pharmacy ,


1.) Direct Billing services are not applicable for maternity and preventive benefits (medical check-up, vaccinations, appliances, and vitamins).
2.) Clients should make reservations for office visits.
3.) Clients should bring your coverage card and a copy of ID card/ Passport.
4.) Deposit or Credit card can be required as per the hospital or clinic’s procedures.
5.) Insurance Company covers normal, usual and customary charges for all treatments.
6.) Room and Board rate is set at a maximum according to Hospitals providing International standards, currently in Vietnam this is the private room rate of FV hospital, $250/day.
7.) Surgeon’s fees are determined according to South East Asia standards.
8.) It is recommended to book your appointment on website or phone in advance.
9.) Patients are expected to repay for certain services such as hospitalization, Endoscopy or services required preparation prior.