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How to Save Money on your Health Insurance

The purpose of Health Insurance is to assist an individual, family or group to manage their long term health care costs. Premiums are determined by several factors: a person’s age, health and lifestyle conditions, the amount and frequency of claims and the length of time as a client – the longer the better.


  • The price of your preferred medical provider will affect the price of your insurance – different clinics as well as different locations charge different prices. North America in general is more expensive than Thailand; however some clinics in Thailand are more expensive than some clinics in North America. Therefore, a health insurance policy with claims from certain countries or from certain clinics will be more expensive.

    TIP: Carefully consider where the treatment will be done and where the coverage is needed. Adding or accepting a geographical restriction for treatment is a common way to reduce your premium. If two clinics are equal in their service and advice, it is good to choose the clinic that has a more considerate cost structure – the savings will be reflected in a more manageable renewal premium.

  • The cost of claims will also affect the renewal price – a person seeing a doctor that charges $95 a consultation to one who sees a doctor with the same qualification for $15 a consultation will have a higher renewal premium. The cost and frequency of use will affect the renewal premium.

    TIP: Review your medical bills carefully – the more the insurance is charged the more it can affect your insurance premium. An MRI at a Diagnostic centre is about $150, some clinics charge as much as $425 for the same test from the same location, no difference, just a difference in the profit of the clinic. Some international clinics / hospitals charge three times more for clients who use insurance to pay for the services. There are many ways to manage your medical bills, - do not agree to unnecessary tests, use pay and claim for the smaller bills, before you sign look carefully at what the clinic or hospital is adding to the bill, ask questions. It is your money.

  • Different benefit levels require different premiums. A person who has worldwide $1,000,000 USD coverage will pay more than a person with ASEAN countries only $25,000 USD coverage. An insured person who pays a 20% deductible and the insurance company pays 80% will pay a smaller premium than a person who wants the insurance company to cover 100% of claims. Choosing in-patient benefits only (in hospital) and not taking out-patient benefit (day visits) greatly reduces the costs.

    TIP: Choose the benefit levels that suit your lifestyle and your comfort levels. Medical treatment can be very affordable and of a high standard in SE Asia, so you may not need the same coverage levels as in your home country. The cost and quality of outpatient care in Vietnam might make more sense to pay as you need and take the saving on the premium price for in-patient only.

  • People who have an existing medical condition or a medical history requiring treatment will pay more. If someone applies for cover and has large ongoing yearly medical costs this must be factored into the insurance premium. If there is a pre-existing condition it can be included in the coverage or excluded to reduce costs. Any pre-existing condition that is not declared on the application will not be covered and it may affect the rest of your coverage, so it is always best to declare all pre-existing conditions.

    TIP: Health insurance should be purchased when a person does not need it so they can use it when they do need it. Honesty is required on both sides of an insurance policy, we promise to pay for the claims that are covered in your policy and we expect you will be honest with the application and claims procedure.