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Disability means an Illness or Injury, and any symptoms, sequelae or complications thereof, and in the case of Injury includes all Injuries arising from the same event or series of contiguous events.
Eligible Expenses means medical expenses for treatments and services, which are medically necessary for the treatment of a Disability.
Eligible Person means (a) a person who is not a Child
(b) a Child who has a parent who is or will become an Insured Person.
Emergency means a bona fide situation where there is a sudden change in an Insured Person’s state of health, which requires urgent medical or surgical intervention to avoid imminent danger to his life or health.
Follow-up Care means the treatment ordered by the Attending Physician of the hospitalization, including follow-up consultation, relevant medicines, diagnostic tests and physiotherapy.  Cover is restricted to follow-up treatment of the specific medical condition for which the Insured Person received inpatient treatment covered by the Policy.  Follow-up treatment does not include regular ...
Grace Period means the period of thirty (30) days commencing from the date on which the relevant payment is due.
Herb means a plant whose leaves are used as a medicine for and are required for the treatment of an Illness or Injury covered under this Policy and which is prescribed by a Herbalist or Chinese Medicine Practitioner for the treatment of such Illness or Injury.
Herbalist means a person who grows or sells Herbs and who is licensed, registered or authorized under the relevant laws and regulations in the country in which he carries on such activities to grow or sell such Herbs.
Home Country / Country of Origin is the country of which the Insured Person holds a passport and which has been declared on the Application.
Home Nursing means nursing care immediately after hospitalization provided by a licensed nurse at home, and must be certified by the Attending Physician to be medically necessary.
Hospice care means palliative care (symptom management, relief of suffering and end-of-life care) given to individuals who are terminally ill with an expected survival of six months or less.  The focus of hospice care is on pain and symptom management, on meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the dying ...
Hospital means an institution which is legally licensed as a medical or surgical Hospital in the country in which it is situated and whose main functions are not those of a spa, hydro-clinic, sanitarium, nursing home, home for the aged, rehabilitation centre, a place for alcoholics or drug addicts. The ...
Illness(a) beginning or occurring after thirty (30) days from the Policy Effective Date
(b) which requires treatment by a Physician, Specialist or Surgeon
(c) which is covered by this Policy.
Immediate Family Member means an Insured Person’s legal spouse, children (natural or adopted), siblings, siblings in law, parents, parents in law, grandparents, grandchildren, legal guardian, stepparents or stepchildren.
Injury means a bodily injury (which for the avoidance of doubt excludes psychiatric conditions) arising wholly and exclusively from an Accident which independently of all other causes directly results in loss covered by this Policy.
Inpatient means an Insured Person who suffers a Disability and who is admitted to Hospital for the treatment of that Disability and occupies a Hospital bed in connection therewith for a continuous period of not less than 18 hours.
Insured Person means anyone of the persons named in the Policy Schedule as an Insured Person.
Medical appliances means supplies prescribed by a doctor for medical use such as gloves, dressing, masks, nebulizer kits, syringes, cotton, and plaster as well as other consumable used for mechanical devices.
Medicines and Drugs are any medicines or drugs (other than those which are experimental or unproven) prescribed by a Physician which are specifically required for the treatment of a Disability.
Miscellaneous Charges means expenses required for laboratory tests, x-rays, professional fees, medicines and drugs, blood and plasma, wheelchair rentals, outpatient surgery, surgical appliances and devices, and intra-operative standard prosthetic devices.