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Accident(a) occurring entirely beyond the Insured Person’s control and is caused by violent, external and visible means
(b) happens while the Insured Person is covered under this Policy.
Act of Terrorism means an act whether involving violence or the use of force or not, and/or the threat or the preparation thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in conjunction with any organization(s) or government(s), committed for political, religious, ideological or ethnic ...
Anaesthetist means a physician who specializes in anaesthesiology and is registered to practice  anaesthesiology under the relevant laws and regulations of the country in which he practices.
Application means the application form signed by the Policyholder and, if the Insured Person is different from the Policyholder, by each Insured Person whereby the Policyholder applied for each Insured Person to be covered under this Policy and which application form forms part of this Policy. 
ASEAN countries consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Attending Physician means the Physician responsible for the medical treatment of an Illness of an Insured Person. The Attending Physician may not be the Insured Person, a Family Member, or a Travelling Companion.
Benefits Schedule means the benefits schedule attached to this Policy.
Bonesetter means a person who specializes in bone-setting and is licensed or registered to practice bone-setting under the relevant laws and regulations of the country in which he practices.
Carrier means a transportation company or transport undertaking whose principal business is the carriage by air, sea or land of passengers and/or cargo for hire or reward and which is duly licensed or certified in all jurisdictions in which such business is carried on for such purposes.
Child means a person who is a minor under the laws of his Country of Residence or a full-time student of not more than 23 years of age.
Chinese Medicine Practitioner means a person licensed or registered to practice Chinese medicine under the relevant laws and regulations of the country in which he practices.
Close Business Partner means a business associate that has a share in the Insured Person’s business.
Co-insurance is the percentage of the policy benefits paid or payable by the insured or by another insurance company.
Company means Hung Vuong Assurance Corporation.
Congenital Condition means a physical or medical abnormality existing at the time of birth as well as neonatal physical/mental abnormalities developing thereafter because of factors inherent at the time of birth.
Cosmetic Surgery means re-constructive surgery or surgery which is not medically necessary or which is performed principally to improve or with the principal objective of improving the appearance of a person or which the person concerned considers or believes will improve his appearance and includes any surgery necessary for psychological reasons, ...
Country of Residence means the Country where the applicant has an established residence and spends a minimum of 183 days in one calendar year.
Custodial Care(a) care provided mainly for personal needs, comfort or convenience that is provided by persons with or without specialized medical training or skills
(b) care provided mainly to maintain, rather than improve the medical condition of a person as a prophylaxis precaution for a physical or mental function or to ...
Deductible means an amount as stipulated in the Benefits Schedule to be deducted from the benefits payable in respect of any Eligible Expenses in each Policy Year.
Dentist means a person qualified by degree and licensed or registered to practice dentistry under the relevant laws and regulations of the country in which he practices.