Policy for life

  • What is your relationship like with your health insurance provider?
  • Do they know you?
  • Do you know them?
  • How long have you been insured by them?
  • Do you feel like they will take care of your needs if the time comes?
  • Do you feel rewarded for being their customer?

We want the answers to these questions to be positive. We want our clients to feel comfortable in their relationship with us. We want our clients to be taken care of in a transparent, fair and professional manner. We believe that the longer a relationship goes on between an insured person and their health insurance provider, the smoother that relationship should function. We also believe that with loyalty should come rewards and that a health insurance provider can do more than just pay medical bills. We believe that a long-term relationship should benefit both sides mutually.

With the above in mind, we have developed a program which we call ‘A Policy for Life’. It is our hope that when you purchase a health insurance plan from us, that you’ll stay with us for life, because the more our relationship grows, the more we can offer you. We also want to help you live a healthy life by doing more than just paying your medical bills. We want to pay for disease screening and preventative care, we want you to know your policy is guaranteed to be renewed, we want to offer you access to digital apps and tools which make life easier, we want you to have the highest quality service available in times of need.

Browse through the links on this page to learn about the various ways that A Policy for Life can reward you. There is no need to register, sign up, opt in or apply for A Policy for Life. Every person insured by us is a part of the program as soon as they purchase a plan from us. We want you to stay with us, renew your coverage and maintain your good health. The longer we’re together, the more we know you and the more we can offer you. It’s your life, take good care of it and let Pacific Cross Vietnam help you do so.

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