Hãy Gọi Ngay: 1800.577.770

Bệnh viện Quốc tế Mỹ

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6, Bắc Nam 3, 2,
Ho Chi Minh, An Phú, Vietnam

Phone: (84-28) 3910-9999

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gây mê , Tim mạch , Emergency 24/7 , Tiêu hóa Gan , Phẫu thuật chung , Thận tiết niệu , Phụ sản phụ khoa , Ung thư , Tai Mũi Họng ENT , tim mạch nhi khoa ,

Giờ mở cửa

Thứ hai - Thứ sáu : 08:00 & 13:00 - 12:00 & 17:00
Saturday - Thứ bảy : 07:30 - 12:00
Emergency: Có *1155

Ngôn ngữ sử dụng

  • Vietnamese, English

Phương Thức Thanh Toán

Nội trú , Ngoại trú , Nhà Thuốc ,

Lưu ý:

1.) Direct Billing services are not applicable for maternity and preventive benefits (medical check-up, vaccinations, appliances, and vitamins).
2.) Clients should make reservations for office visits.
3.) Clients should bring your coverage card and a copy of ID card/ Passport.
4.) Deposit or Credit card can be required as per the hospital or clinic’s procedures.
5.) Insurance Company covers normal, usual and customary charges for all treatments.
6.) Room and Board rate is set at a maximum according to Hospitals providing International standards, currently in Vietnam this is the private room rate of FV hospital, $250/day.
7.) Surgeon’s fees are determined according to South East Asia standards.
8.) It is recommended to book your appointment on website or phone in advance.
9.) Patients are expected to repay for certain services such as hospitalization, Endoscopy or services required preparation prior.