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Foundation Series

Our Foundation Series health insurance plans are designed for people who want to be able to access the best medical care in SE Asia. They are highly flexible so that customers can choose the level of outpatient benefit they prefer giving them greater control of their health insurance.

Plans are available from $25,000 to $100,000 USD in coverage and have worldwide treatment area.

All plans have personal accident and a preventative health benefit.
  • Free Choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Guaranteed renewability regardless of age, medical condition or location
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Preventative Health Benefit
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Recreational Sports coverage
  • Alternative Medicine Coverage
  • Personal Accident Coverage included  
  • Extensive Direct Billing network in Vietnam

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Benefit Schedule





Maximum Benefit For Any ONE Disability and Sequelae - Covers normal, usual and customary charges, per disability per lifetime for:500,000,0001,000,000,0002,000,000,000
Treatment AreaWorldwideWorldwideWorldwide
INPATIENT BENEFITS – Covers normal, usual and customary charges for:
Room and Board (standard room) Semi-Private up to 2,000,000/day (Private in Vietnam) Semi-Private up to 3,000,000/day (Private in Vietnam) Semi-Private up to 4,000,000/day (Private in Vietnam) 
Parent Accommodation – An extra bed in the same room for a parent accompanying an insured child under 18 years oldUp to limit of Room & Board of the Insured Person
Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit – 15 days maximum per disability per year3,000,000/day5,000,000/day 7,000,000/day 
Physician’s Daily Hospital Visit As Charged 
Specialist’s FeeAs Charged 
Operating Room20,000,000 per operationAs Charged 
Surgeon’s Fee – Includes pre-surgical assessment and normal post-surgical care for each operation100,000,000 per operation200,000,000 per operation240,000,000 per operation
Anaesthetist’s FeeUp to 30% of eligible Surgeon’s Fee
Pre and Post Hospitalization (including Rehabilitation) – Within 30 days before admission and 90 days after discharge up to10,000,000 per disability per year15,000,000 per disability per year20,000,000 per disability per year
Organ Transplant – Fees for kidney, heart, lung, liver and bone marrow transplants (up to 50% for donor and the remaining percentages for recipient, at the option of the Insured Person) to a total of This benefit is a lump sum maximum per organ per lifetime and no other policy benefits are payable in respect of Organ Transplant.100,000,000200,000,000300,000,000
Home Nursing – Immediately after hospitalization and certified to be medically necessary by the attending physician for up to 30 days per disability per year400,000/day600,000/day1,000,000/day
Miscellaneous Inpatient Charges – For required diagnostic laboratory tests, x-rays, prescribed medicines; professional fees; blood and plasma; wheel chair rentals; outpatient surgery; surgical appliances and devices; and intra-operative standard prosthetics (as approved by the Company)80,000,000 per disability per year140,000,000 per disability per year210,000,000 per disability per year
Maternity Benefit – Maximum limit per pregnancy after a 12-month waiting period (90 days for miscarriage and therapeutic abortion) up to When both husband and wife are insured, the limit shall be increased by 50%No10,000,00015,000,000
Free New Born cover – A child of an Insured Person is eligible for the same medical plan as the Insured Person 15 days after the date of birth, or the date of discharge on submission of application to the Company whichever is the later until the Insured Person’s next renewal for freeNoIncludedIncluded
Preventive Health Benefit – Annual limit for routine check-up, vaccinations, appliances, vitamins1,500,0002,000,0003,000,000
Burial and Funeral6,000,00010,000,00010,000,000
Personal Accident Benefits30,000,00040,000,00060,000,000
EMERGENCY BENEFITS - Subject to the overall maximum limit per disability
Accidental Damage to Teeth – Emergency treatment for up  to 7 days following accidental loss or damage caused to sound natural teeth10,000,000 per accident15,000,000 per accident20,000,000 per accident
Accidental Emergency Outpatient Treatment - For covered accident which has been treated within 24 hours of the accident by the outpatient department of hospital, clinic, doctor’s officeAs Charged
Emergency Local Ambulance ServiceAs Charged
24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services and Emergency Medical Evacuation ServiceIncluded
Additional Travel Expenses (following Evacuation) – One economy class airline ticket to return an Insured Person to the Country of ResidenceIncluded
OUTPATIENT BENEFITS: Client can choose any plan
Maximum Benefit per year24,000,00036,000,00048,000,000
Outpatient Benefit – Physician and specialists’ fees for office visits, physiotherapist, and chiropractor when referred by the attending physician; and, for required diagnostic laboratory tests, x-rays and prescribed medicines1,500,000/visit2,000,000/visit2,500,000/visit
Alternative Medicines – Fees for visits to homeopath, osteopath, acupuncturist, bonesetter, herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner; and prescribed herbs up to an annual limit of5,000,000
Dental Benefit 1 – Covers 80% of normal, usual and customary charges for Eligible Expenses per year up to VND5,000,000
Dental Benefit 2 – Covers 80% of normal, usual and customary charges for Eligible Expenses per year up to VND10,000,000


AGE GROUP0-56-1819-2526-3031-3536-4041-4546-5051-5556-60  
Premier 7,4306,9486,3097,5608,0208,48210,55111.03611,59712,132 12,67319,01028,515
Dental Benefit 1 2,100 
Dental Benefit 2 3,780 

Optional Benefits

The following optional benefits are available:

Personal AccidentNO
Travel InsuranceNO

Discount Available

Groups of 3 - 4 lives5% discount
Groups of 5 - 10 lives10% discount
Groups of 11 - 20 lives15% discount
Groups of 21 and above20% discount
Outpatient ExclusionPricing separately

Policy Wording

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