Why should I choose Pacific Cross Vietnam?

We go to considerable lengths to ensure the wellbeing of our clients. We are an industry leader due to our personalized attention to customer needs and our focus on customer service. To find out why you should choose Pacific Cross Vietnam for your insurance needs please click here.

South East Asia has a wide range of medical facilities to choose from. These range from clinics/hospitals with the highest standard of international care and worldwide reputations for excellence, down to basic local medical service providers and clinics; all of which are accessible and affordable based on a person’s preference, budget and insurance levels.

The costs involve can vary greatly and also affect your future premium. To see our latest medical costs summary please click here.

The purpose of Health Insurance is to assist an individual, family or group to manage their long term health care costs. It is something that should be purchased when it is not needed so it is there when it is needed. Premiums are determined by several factors: a person’s age, health and lifestyle, the amount and frequency of claims and the length of time as a client – the longer the better.

To find out how to save the most on your premium please click here.

The waiting period is for new members without existing cover for illness only. Benefits for injuries due to covered accidents occurring wholly after the effective date are covered immediately.

Many factors affect the price of your renewal premium; costs of medical care, currency inflation, number of claims and where the claims were made as well as the history of the policyholder with the insurer. This can affect the premium as an overall increase or decrease from year to year. In general the cost of insurance should increase with the rate of medical costs inflation all other things being equal. To read more about saving money of your insurance please click here.

No we will not deny you continued cover, however your premium may increase. All plans of Pacific Cross Vietnam are based around coverage limits per illness per lifetime, therefore any accident or illness history once you are a member with us will not deny you continued coverage from us for future accidents or illness.

Yes your insurance cover from Pacific Cross Vietnam lets you choose where you get your medical treatment subject only to the coverage limits within your policy and the treatment area you have chosen. You can choose the doctor, hospital and country of treatment; It’s your insurance and it’s your choice.

Pacific Cross Vietnam has an extensive direct billing network in Vietnam for our members to use for their in and outpatient treatment. If you get your medical treatment done at one of our direct billing member clinics or hospitals and you are covered for your illness then the clinic or hospital will bill us directly for your treatment. This means you do not need to pay for anything.

You only need pay co-pay if you have policy co-pay or if you obtain treatment that is not covered under the Policy during your visit. We are always updating our Direct Billing Facilities List on our website under Medical Provider section at regular period .

Any Disability which existed before the Policy Effective Date in respect of an Insured Person, which presented signs and symptoms of which the Insured Person was aware or should reasonably have been aware is considered as a pre-existing condition.

Pre-existing conditions are covered provided that they have been declared and accepted by the Company for coverage. If an illness or disability is not disclosed and later found out to be pre-existing their there is no cover.

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