Guarantee of payment information

**** Pre-authorization is required for all claims over 50,000,000 VND ****
If you are a Medical Practitioner, Hospital or Clinic and are seeking a Guaranteed of Payment (GOP) for one of Pacific Cross Vietnam’s clients, please follow the procedure:

Gop Procedure
Submitting required document and information:
  1. A Notification of Claim Form completed by client and attending physician;
  2. A medical assessment report from the attending physician showing diagnosis, medical history, and recommended treatment;
  3. Estimated length of stay;
  4. Estimated cost;
  5. A copy of the Insurance Coverage Card showing the name and policy number;
  6. A copy of passport.
Waiting for the Company to issue GOP:

After receiving all required document and information, we will respond for a GOP in 2 hours.

Claim procedure:

After giving service to the client, kindly provide us:

  1. Original Notification of Claim Form completed by client and attending physician;
  2. An operation report;
  3. A discharge certificate;
  4. Copy of GOP;
  5. Original official receipts with detailed breakdown of charges.

Important information:

  1. All documents from health care providers have to be on letterhead of the hospital/clinic;
  2. Once receiving the necessary forms and clarification, we try and process the claim in 5-working days;
  3. Claims are reimbursed by bank transfer;
  4. Inside Vietnam, claims are reimbursed in Vietnam currency; for claim payments outside of Vietnam, we reimburse in USD;
  5. Pacific Cross Vietnam is not responsible for any charges assessed by the banking institutions and this is the client’s responsibility.
For emergency evacuations

In case of a situation where the clinic or hospital feels an emergency evacuation may be necessary, it is a requirement to involve our emergency assistance company by using the phone number at the back of the Insurance coverage card.

Hotline for emergency Evacuations: (+84 28) 3821 6699
Should you have further questions, please contact us:
– By telephone: (+84 28) 3821 9908
– By email:


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