Affordable International Travel Insurance Plans

Affordable International Travel Insurance Plans

About Travel Insurance plan

Our affordable international travel insurance plans offer trip travelers the flexibility to design their coverage around their requirements and budget. Here are 10 Reasons to choose travel insurance from Pacific Cross Vietnam.

If you are unsure of which of our health insurance plans the best match your needs please use our Insurance Select Application or contact us for a free consultation.

Bon Voyage

is a popular insurance plan, with comprehensive benefits in one convenient package without any limits on travel region. Bon Voyage is suitable for those traveling to various countries and look for a high level of total coverage.

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Travel Flex

the most affordable and flexible plan, allowing you to choose the benefits and different levels of insurance coverage with prices that fit your budget. Travel Flex can be adapted depending on the trip duration and the region you intend to visit, resulting in savings for you.

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Annual Travel

The travel insurance plan without limitation on number of trips and destinations in a year. This program package is suitable for those with frequent leisure travel or business trips in a given year. The Annual Travel plan helps you save time and money when selecting your travel insurance.

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Corporate travel

If you have sales, technical or management staff that travel regularly for business then let Pacific Cross Vietnam take care of their corporate travel insurance needs. under a corporate plan. Great value and many added benefits for your company, contact us now to find the perfect solution for your corporate travel needs.

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Insurance Prices

If you are unsure of the health insurance plan that best suits your needs, click on our Insurance Select Application button below. Answer three simple questions and find put which health insurance plan is right.

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Pacific Cross Vietnam will apply the following administrative rules

to travel insurance claim files relating to Covid 19:

        1. Claims for Covid 19 related medical expenses will be accepted on a pay and claim basis only.

        2. A waiting period of 14 days will be applied for covid diagnoses. A diagnosis of Covid 19 infection must have occurred after 14 days from the date of departure from the country of departure, in order for the claim file to be accepted for adjudication.

        3. If the Covid 19 diagnosis occurred in a country which was listed under CDC level 4 travel advisory on the date of departure, a claim file for Covid 19 related expenses will not be accepted for adjudication.