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Optional, Paid-up – Additional services

Pacific Cross Vietnam is a full Third Party Administration (TPA), which not only offers its corporate partners quality core services but a wide range of additional values.


Emergency Assistance

emergency assistance, tpa services, health insurance, travel insurance

Risk, illness, injuries, or issues while traveling away from home is unexpected and upsetting, but Pacific Cross Vietnam can assist your customer in that difficult situations.

By registering the Emergency Assistance service, your customers can have peace of mind while traveling to every corner of the world. Behind their backs, there is always a large group of 24/7/365 worldwide assistance and more than 155,000 healthcare providers throughout 120 countries.

Whether your customers need emergency evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, or medical transport, just a phone call away, we can immediately support them.

* Pacific Cross Vietnam is a leading provider of health and travel assistance benefits and a core partner of the International Assistance Group (IAG).





Digital Platform

digital platform, tpa services, health insurance, pacific cross vietnam

Everything is going digital and so does the insurance industry.

From streamlining business to enabling new operating models, we are here to help our partners to transform.

For the insurers, we make effort to help build resiliency and transparency working process through secure internal platforms such as HBS, Integration API (Underwriting & Claim), Health E-talk, etc.

For the insured people, we focus on delivering convenience and satisfaction. One of the most useful digital platforms our in-house developers successfully built up is HEALTH INSURE PACIFIC CROSS VN – a mobile app that allows clients to do lots of functions such as requesting a claim or adding benefits quickly and easily.






As a commitment to providing a wide range of quality TPA services, Pacific Cross Vietnam has recently offered Telemedicine to its corporate partners. This program allows insured clients to get personal health advice from anywhere via any device and Internet connection.

We have built a platform, which is secure and reliable and has a team of experienced medical professionals waiting to solve your clients’ health problems.

To find out how easy it is to get PCV Telemedicine to your insured members, contact us today!





Medical Provider Network

medical provider network, tpa services, pacific cross vietnam, health insurance

As healthcare demand continues to rise, the extensive direct billing network is becoming more essential to insured people.

To provide more comfort for clients, your business can become our trusted partner and get a chance to utilize our large medical provider network

  • 500+ medical providers in Vietnam
  • 3400+ hospitals/clinics in Asia
  • 150,000+ medical providers through IAG

This is a key consideration whether your business is offering local or international insurance plans.

Refer to our medical provider network at:

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