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9 reasons to buy travel insurance

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

Tourism is a great time for you and your family to relax after long days of work. But sometimes, you can get troubles such as lost luggage, late flights or emergency medical assistance. Let travel insurance solve these problems and help you enjoy your trip!

1. Necessary condition for visa application

All international travel insurance programs of Pacific Cross Vietnam are qualified to apply for a travel or business visa in Schengen countries and Australia at the request of the Consulate.

2. Emergency Medical Assistance

You will be supported everywhere at any time when you need Emergency Medical Assistance for unexpected risks occurring during the trip abroad as Guarantee for Medical Expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation, etc.

3. Rental car insurance

The insurance company will compensate on your behalf for losses occurred to your car rent on the trip as well as the cost of repairing damages directly caused by the accident that you caused in accordance with car renting contract abroad.

4. Accidents happen during entertainment adventure games

Our travel insurance covers for rock or mountain climbing which is not higher than 5000 meters, scuba diving to a depth not greater than 20 meters below sea level.

5. Compensation “personal responsibility”

The insurance company will pay compensation on your behalf for the cost of treating injuries or property of a third party caused by your faults.

6. Compensation for loss or theft luggage and travel documents

Insurance company will pay for loss or damaged luggage and personal belongings or money due to theft or transport, or loss of travel documents for each specific case.

7. Support in case of late arrival/ loss of luggage

Insurance company will support you for buying toiletries or clothing needed due to late arrival/ loss or non-delivery of your luggage.

8. Support for unexpected home return

Insurance contract remains in force until the end of the insurance period for the case you have to return home unexpectedly during a maximum period of 14 consecutive days to resolve suddenly arising incidents, applicable for 31 days minimum insurance policy.

9. International medical insurance

This benefit will help you pay the cost of medical treatment, including inpatient and outpatient for illness or accident during your stay abroad.

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