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Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

Blue Cross Vietnam, a member of the Pacific Cross group of companies, has been operating as such in the travel and health insurance industry in Vietnam for the past seven years. In that time, we have served thousands of clients, forged strong relationships in the industry and community and experienced tremendous growth and expansion.

It is with a great deal of pride and happiness that we announce our upcoming name change. In early 2016 Blue Cross Vietnam will begin a transition to our new name: Pacific Cross Vietnam.

We are confident that this change will improve our service to clients, strengthen our ties to the other members of our group of companies and give us an opportunity to reach further and wider in our scope as a leading health and travel insurance administrator in Vietnam and Asia.

With our company becoming Pacific Cross Vietnam, our clients will enjoy enhanced services both in Vietnam and Asia in the form of our direct billing network, finding medical providers and access to essential information among other things.

From an internal perspective, within our group of companies, there will be stronger alignment and cooperation. This allows for greater sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise across the Southeast Asian region and in all of our offices. Our individual country offices will improve thanks to this new level of fraternity within the group.

Externally, across our area of operations, we will have a stronger presence, a more established brand and a reputation for providing the best level of products and services to our clientele. This will in turn allow us to forge new relationships, both individual and corporate as we continue to build and grow as a company, both within Vietnam and regionally.

We are excited for this change. More news and information relating to each aspect of our business and the effects of this change will be coming shortly. Thank you and stay tuned!

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