Message from Chief Executive Officer

Message from Chief Executive Officer

I am very proud of the development and team of professionals we have at Pacific Cross Vietnam and sincerely hope you will consider us when solving your travel and medical insurance needs. With 35+ years in the insurance industry and over a decade in Vietnam, I fully understand the concerns and frustrations people have over insurance plans, benefits and claims procedures.


We have established in Vietnam a great company culture with highly skilled employees who are focused on customer service and being easy to do business with. We understand that insurance is one of those products a person should buy when it is not needed, so it is there when it is needed and we are focused on being there when you need us. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, consistent, international service to the people and organizations we do business with.

We believe that we are the strength behind your insurance and we provide service levels that allow our customers to understand what benefits they have and how they can best be used.

I see a continued growth for the Vietnamese insurance industry and endeavor that we will continue to be at the vanguard of this development by offering a first class service standard to our customers and business partners with a local understanding and respect for the people who call Vietnam home.


Pacific Cross Vietnam

1.How was Pacific Cross Vietnam started?

Pacific Cross came to Vietnam in 2004, the reason was in response to big demand for travel insurance since many Vietnamese were traveling overseas and to travel overseas in order to get a visa, you need travel insurance because the other countries want you to have that, so people were interested in travel insurance and we came here and we offer our travel insurance product, but when we came here we found that the Vietnamese market was a great market and wonderful people and so we stayed and in 2005 we started to offer health insurance as well.

2.What are the company vision and mission?

The company vision and mission have really hasn’t changed very much since the very beginning in 2004-2005, we want to bring international, affordable health insurance to mid-market Vietnamese people, we want to do that in a transparent way using international rules and we will do it by using local staff and well-trained staff and we want to be dependable and reliable.

3.What do you think about health insurance market in Vietnam?

You know health insurance market is tremendous and growing very rapidly. Most people have cover in the past by the employer or by employee insurance. But even that would properly be less than 1% of the people right here. There is government insurance as well of course but as we all know that it’s really busy and very much a difficult place sometimes in order to get serve properly, so people have turned in the last couple of years to buy health insurance and health insurance allows people to go to their place or location of their choice. You can go to international hospital, you can go to government hospital or local hospital or clinic, it’s your choice. And so, people really like that choice and of course in the last couple of years, it’s gained lots of popularity.

4.Why do you think health and travel insurance is important?

Well, I think the health and travel insurance is a critical to a person or family’s wellbeing. Medical bills are normally not foreseen, you cannot see a medical bill coming, medical bills can be very expensive. In some cases that can result in a family having a borrow money because the hospitals, the clinics, the doctors, they want to be paid and if you’re going to have some of the fancy equipment like the MRI or the cat scans. People are traveling from Vietnam outside internationally around the world will find that many countries will have huge prices, we have seen prices where a broken foot will cost 30,000 USD, it’s an ordinary broken foot, not so much here in Vietnam but across around the world it’s really expensive and they cost a lot of money the best way I think for people to manage this risk would be to have insurance.

5.What are the strengths of Pacific Cross Vietnam?

Well, I think Pacific Cross Vietnam has many strengths, I don’t have the time I think to tell them all but I will mention a few. Corporately, we are part of a Group that have offices around Asia. Our Group has been here 60 years in Asia, we operate in the Philippines, in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and so, we have a lot of experience, we have a lot of experience locally, we have direct billing network and we have relationship with hospitals and doctors and clinics all around the region. We share information among our companies in order to show the latest trends and the newest type of benefits, that way our Vietnamese customers can take advantage of our corporate strengths.
On the people side of things, all our offices are all local, here hire people from Vietnam and we have been doing this for 15 years. So, we have many long-term employees, well-trained, some have medical background, we have 4 to 5 doctors that we use to consult with us and we spend a lot of time to make sure that our people, our staffs can speak the language of the customers so the customers can feel that they are getting a proper attention. We make sure that our staffs have latest medical knowledge so they can make suggestions and support customer based upon customer’ needs. And I think we provided very good customer experience because after all when you’re sick you need help and you want to be treated well.

6.Why do you think customers should choose products of Pacific Cross Vietnam?

Well the products of Pacific Cross Vietnam, they are all developed here in Vietnam based upon the Vietnamese system, so, these are not products taking from overseas so much. If we find benefits are used in other countries that we think would be good here, we will bring those here, but we will make a local price, we will provide a local benefit and we provide help here in Vietnam for product that is designed in Vietnam. But, the other piece to this, is we allow the clients to have coverage around the world, so they can use their policies outside of Vietnam if they want treatment in another country, they can do that, they can go to the location of their choice. But you know, I think that the Vietnamese policies are very solid and we provide lots of flexibility and trying to do it in our design and our benefits and I think the customers are well served by having our policies.

7.What are your plans in the future?

You know health insurance I think in Vietnam is just starting, so it’s kind of new for everybody. But in around the world, it’s also changing very quickly, mostly technology is what’s affecting the health insurance. But, let me give you an example, some of the things that we think are possible here. When you go to a clinic, you put your phone and you show them your phone and your phone has your coverage card on it, and therefore that confirms your coverage. The clinic will serve you and when you leave you sign your name and you go home, you can take your photo of the lab reports or the doctor’ notes or something and you can send that through your phone to our office, our office will then adjudicate the claim and then you get an SMS on your phone saying that the money has been transferred to your bank account if you paid, if you didn’t pay we will pay it to the clinic or hospital directly. So, I think you know using digital technology, it would be very much of assistance to the customers, we don’t have all of that at the moment but we’re working on it and all of our staff are focused on trying to make it more digitally, less paper work, less requirements, a little bit more friendly for our customers. I think that is a good way to do business with somebody.


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