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  • Hung Vuong Assurance Corporation - BHV

    Hung Vuong Assurance is continually committed to developing quality products and services, bringing peace of mind and prosperity to our customers, partners, shareholders, employees and the community.

  • Bao Long Insurance Corporation

    The Bao Long General Insurance Corporation (formerly Nha Rong Insurance Corporation) was founded and officially put into operation in the insurance business on 11 July, 1995. The Bao Long General Insurance Corporation was the first joint stock company operating in the field of non-life insurance in Vietnam with chartered capital of 500 billion VND. Until now, Bao Long Insurance Corporation is ranked 11th out of 30 companies operating in the market of non-life insurance, and provides a wide range of insurance products to the non-life insurance market in Vietnam. During more than 20 years of operation, The Bao Long Insurance Corporation has received many great industry awards such as: Vietnam Trademark Gold Cup Top 20 Vietnam Gold Service Best Insurance Services Vietnam 2015" by Global Banking & Finance Magazine review of Britain Vietnam Excellent Brand 2015 by the Vietnam Economic Times poll.

  • Tổng Công ty CP Bảo hiểm Sài Gòn – Hà Nội (BSH)

    BSH constantly strives to bring diverse and useful products, focusing on improving customer experience, meeting the increasing demands of the market. Thereby gradually improving the service quality of Vietnam's non-life insurance industry.

  • Cathay Life Insurance Vietnam

    Cathay Life Insurance Company Limited was established in August 1962, belonging to Cathay Financial Holdings. Over the past four decades, with the support of more than 26,000 professional staff, our shareholders and extensive customer network, thoughtful customer care policy. Cathay Life has always maintained revenue, assets and stable development policies. Nowadays, in Taiwan, Cathay Life Insurance is the No.1 brand in the life insurance industry. With the aim of becoming the most powerful financial group in Asia, Cathay Life Insurance Company officially established "Cathay Life Insurance Vietnam", the first Asian company licensed to operate in Life Insurance by the Ministry of Finance. Inheriting the history of more than 50 years of successful operation with the real business concept, enthusiastic service under the motto "Always respect the customer, towards a perfect service," Cathay gradually confirmed its position in the domestic and foreign markets, confidently bring the company's services from Taiwan reach the Vietnam market. The first step entering the Vietnam life insurance market Cathay will continue to maintain a stable business policy, provide comprehensive financial insurance services, and achieve the goal of becoming the strongest financial group in Asia.

  • Fubon Vietnam

    Fubon Vietnam has officially received the the establishment license and opened head office in Ho Chi Minh City. With be inherited from Tappei Company successful, Fubon Vietnam Insurance Company is committed to provide excellent services and facilities for customers. Despite many difficulties and challenges, but all staff of the Fubon VietNam in the enthusiastic leadership of Board of Directors will strive and endeavor towards a "successful destination”. With the goal of sustainable growth in the next year, Fubon Vietnam committed to providing perfect service and building brand image that be loved, be trusted and be chosen.

  • Bao Viet Tokio Marine Insurance

    1. The first foreign-invested non-life insurer in Vietnam established since 1996. 2. Be proud to be the DNA of two leading insurance groups in Japan and Vietnam - Tokio Marine Insurance Group and Bao Viet Holdings. 3. Be honored to accompany thousands of foreign and domestic clients in Vietnam to do business and live life to the fullest over the past 20 years with various non-life insurance solutions and services of Japan Quality.

  • HD Insurance

    Over the past 30 years of establishment and development, Sovico Group has provided products - financial services, banking, aviation, real estate and industry according to international standards and quality. With the goal of perfecting the ecosystem of diversified products and services to bring customers values ​​and convenience, on May 19, 2020, HD Insurance Company Limited ("HD Insurance") was awarded. established with a charter capital of 1,800 billion VND. HD Insurance is located in the ecosystem of Sovico Group, inherits the financial potential and strong reputation of the Group, and applies comprehensive digital technology to commit to providing products and services. The non-life insurance is diversified, useful, with convenient and flexible experience to optimally meet the insurance needs of customers. We provide a full portfolio of non-life insurance products in all business sectors and customers with the desire to become a companion and a reliable support for all customers. journey towards a shared strong and prosperous future.

  • MSIG Vietnam

    MSIG Vietnam is a subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited ("MSI") within MS&AD Insurance Group ("MS&AD Holdings"). As the insurance that sees the heart in everything, we are committed to help consumers and businesses cope with risks to protect what they care about. In doing so, MSIG Vietnam offers protection benefits from a range of innovative insurance products and solutions while putting customers at the heart of it all. This promise is backed by the financial strength, committed partners, dedicated service, and prompt and fair claims settlement that comes with more than 100 years of industry and market expertise.

  • United Insurance Company of Vietnam was founded in 1997 and is jointly invested by three shareholders who are leading insurance companies in Vietnam, Japan, and Korea, including Bao Minh Corporation, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (from Japan), KB Insurance Co., Ltd (from Korea). With the prolonged history of continuous developments, UIC has now become an experienced and trusted insurance company in Vietnam's non-life insurance market. It has served tens of thousands of partners and customers, from corporate partners, and individual customers, to the customers through digital channels. Along with the stable and sustainable topline growth, UIC is also known as the most efficiently operating non-life insurer in the market, having financial soundness with a solvency margin ratio of 640% (as of December 2021).

  • Post - Telecommunication Joint - Stock Insurance Corporation (PTI) was established on August 1, 1998 with founding shareholders: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (later assigned to Vietnam Post Corporation to manage); Vietnam National Reinsurance Corporation and large domestic economic groups. By December 2021, Vietnam Post Corporation has completed the auction to divest all of its shares, accounting for 22.67% of the charter capital at PTI. Currently, PTI has two largest groups of shareholders, which are VNDIRECT Securities Corporation and authorized shareholders (42.33%) and DB Insurance Company - Korea (37.32%).

  • BIDV Metlife - is a joint venture between MetLife Co., Ltd (belonging to MetLife Group) and Bank for Development and Consulting of Vietnam (BIDV). Metlife has established a strong presence in 11 Asian markets.


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