Policy Guarantees

When you are covered by any of our health insurance plans, you can rest assured that certain guarantees are in place to protect you. Perhaps at the top of the list in terms of importance is our guarantee that your policy can always be renewed.

By submitting an application, truthfully completing our medical questionnaire, accepting our offer of insurance and paying your premium, you are guaranteeing that you will always have health insurance coverage. Unlike other health insurance providers in Vietnam and elsewhere, we will not cancel your policy due to high claim amounts.

Our policies are guaranteed renewable. We do not believe in paying medical bills for a serious condition, only to terminate your policy due to the amount of these costs when your renewal comes up. We do not want to see anyone left without health insurance coverage, with a health condition that would be considered ‘Pre-existing’ by other insurers, struggling to find adequate protection for the future of their health. It is because of this that we guarantee renewability. Purchase coverage from us and know it will always be there for you.

Stay with us and we guarantee smooth service. As our relationship with you grows, we know and understand the condition of your health. Pre-existing conditions are no longer a worry, waiting periods have passed. When you seek medical treatment, we can process your claims quickly and without questions. We reward your loyalty by guaranteeing fast, efficient, professional service.

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