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8 must-known tips to have a better Tet holiday

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

Lunar New Year – the most cheerful time of the year is around the corner. Without a doubt, this is a great occasion to spend with loved ones or visit a new destination on your travel bucket list. However, a getaway during the holiday season can also be nerve-wrecking, expensive and drastically crowded. Here is a handy holiday travel guide that helps you enjoy a stress-free Lunar New Year trip. 

1. Doing research before departure

Everyone tends to research about scenery, culture, weather and cuisine of the place they want to visit, but they often miss other useful information such as health concerns, travel warnings and local regulations.

  • For example, vaping in certain locations in Thailand can result in a heavy fine or time in prison.
  • Foreign visitors should also know there are medications prohibited or strictly regulated in certain countries. For example, drugs such as anti-anxiety pills, strong painkillers and sleep pills require a licence for use in Singapore
  • Medication containing pseudoephedrine (e.g. Actifed and Sudafed) is banned in Japan.

You can check other things that are surprisingly prohibited or illegal around the world.

2. Plan for the crowds

When travelling during Lunar New Year, it’s inevitable to avoid the crowds at the airport as people leave for their hometowns or vacations. Last Tet holiday, Tan Son Nhat – the country’s busiest airport was reported to be overloaded resulting from the soaring increase in the number of passengers.

Therefore, plan to arrive at the airport long before your flight and go in prepared for long queues, so you won’t panic if things go awry.

3. Pack with care

It’s never easy when it comes to packing for Tet holiday. But, the lighter you pack, the less stressed over overweight luggage you would be at the check-in counter.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay attention to airline luggage restrictions, for this can cause you delay at airport security checkpoints if you pack banned items or liquids that are over 100 milliliters.  In case you’re bringing along Tet presents, it’s better not to wrap them since they may be opened for inspection.

Moreover, Tet is recognized as the busiest period for air travel, which means there is higher risk of your checked luggage going astray. Correspondingly, keep a close eye on your valuables and important documents by putting them in carry-on baggage instead of checked bags.

4. Consider getting vaccinations

Getting recommended vaccines to reduce chances of getting sick is another thing that should be borne in mind if you’re jetting off to an exotic destination for this Lunar New Year. Although it’s never too late to have yourself vaccinated, it’s suggested to vaccinate 6 to 8 weeks before your trip. Nobody wants to deal with abrupt sickness on new year’s day, right?

5. Bring along a universal travel adapter

Today’s world is flat and connected in many certain levels, yet a universal electrical outlet isn’t one of them.

If you often travel abroad, you may agree that the variation in electrical sockets in every country you set foot in is troublesome sometimes. Preparing a universal adapter would save yourself a world of frustration since it enables you to charge your electronic devices in any country around the world.

6. Prepare an entertainment pack

Get yourself a book or a video game you’ve been interested in so that you can replace irritation from delays and long waiting times with relaxation. It is likely that things are going to take longer than usual; hence, why not pass time pleasantly?

7. Insure yourself and get used to how to make claims

Most people consider travel insurance unnecessary for their holiday. Nonetheless, covering yourself with travel insurance would lessen your worries about mishaps which may occur during the trip, especially in the peak of Tet travel season.

Depending on your destination, select a travel insurance package that helps with repayments of emergency medical treatments and evacuation, and other unforeseen risks such as lost baggage, missed flights or trip cancellations.

8. Keep your New Year’s spirit going

It could be very nerve-racking while travelling in Lunar New Year. But, try to stay calm under any circumstance because just like you, everyone else is longing to get to their holiday destinations as well. Furthermore, the airline doesn’t have any vested interest in taking off late – all staff are working around the clock in order to get thousands of passengers be on board on the correct planes at the scheduled times.

Thus, have your favorite Tet snack, listen to an Abba song, or do whatever it takes to remind you that Tet is supposed to be joyful, not an uphill battle.

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