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Coronavirus FAQ for insured members

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

1. Do coronavirus claims fall under any policy exclusions such as epidemic or pandemic exclusions?

No, they do not.

2. Is Coronavirus related testing (e.g., blood test) covered by PCV medical policies?

Answer: If a test is done and a diagnosis is made which requires treatment, then the test will be covered. If there is no diagnosis and no subsequent treatment, the test will not be covered.

3. Will a medical policy cover an insured person who is not showing Coronavirus symptoms to undergo Coronavirus screening?

Relating to question 2 above, screenings and tests which do not yield a diagnosis are not covered. However, if an insured person’s policy includes a preventative benefit, a Coronavirus test could be paid by such benefit.

4. If an employee on a company policy is forced to take leave due to Coronavirus symptoms or is diagnosed with Coronavirus, would their coverage ever be limited or would it be cancelled?

No, our policies provide full cover 24/7, 365 days per year for covered conditions. Coronavirus is a covered condition, provided it was not pre-existing the policy issuance. Also, we do not cancel or terminate policies based on diagnosis, so there would be no situation in which we cancel coverage due to a Coronavirus diagnosis.

5. If an employee is infected by the coronavirus during business trip, either domestic or international, do related claims fall under business travel insurance, for all insurance benefit? Can this be defined as work-related injuries?

Firstly, Coronavirus is a sickness, so it would not be counted as a “work related injury” in any circumstance.
If an insured person has two “types” of cover under their policy, for example: a medical insurance plan which includes a travel insurance benefit/rider, their claims would be paid by whichever benefit is most suited to the situation and provides them with the most amount of coverage. This would vary from policy to policy. For further detail on this specific question, contact us at

6. Are medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation related to Coronavirus covered by the policy?

Yes, these two types of expenses would be covered in relation to a Coronavirus diagnosis. However, as with all evacuation cases, the evacuation order is given by the attending physician and is not requested by the insured person. In the case of Coronavirus, it is unlikely that an evacuation order would be given as treatment consists of quarantine and administration of antiviral medications.

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