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First Aid techniques and safety tips

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross


Knowing what to do in case of accidents or emergencies can save your life. A basic knowledge of First Aid is vital in ensuring the safety of your family as well as yourself.

In this chapter, you will find valuable instructions on how to deal with several emergency situations. First Aid techniques and safety tips are explained to provide you with a wealth of information that could mean the difference between life and death. So, read on and arm yourself with the necessary know-how in First Aid and take charge of your safety!

WHAT IS FIRST AID? First Aid is the immediate treatment for injuries resulting from accidents. Using available facilities or materials at the time of the incident, a person with a basic background in First Aid may administer skilled application of treatment to an injured person.


  1. Take quick action! Every second is vital.
  2. Call for help. Find someone who can contact a doctor or emergency assistance.
  3. Perform the First Aid ABC Check: Airway – Make sure that the victim’s airway is not blocked. Breathing – Determine if the victim is breathing. If not, provide artificial respiration. Circulation – Check for the victim’s pulse. If there is none, do CPR (if you have training).
  4. Stay calm. Give comfort and reassure the patient that help is on the way.
  5. Don’t move a seriously injured person unless necessary.


Before an accident occurs, it is best to be prepared. Here are some safety measures that you can take:

  • Emergency Contact Numbers:Make a list of emergency contact numbers and put a copy near each phone and in each First Aid Kit.
  • Family Discussions:Discuss various emergency situations with your family and develop an emergency plan of action for these situations.
  • Teach Children:Take time to teach your kids when and how to call emergency contact numbers. Be sure they memorize their address and phone number.

EMERGENCY TIP: Be sure to keep a list of emergency contact numbers near your phone.

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