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Some updates about Coronavirus

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

1. Global updates of Coronavirus:

According to the report of the infectious disease surveillance system from the Ministry of Health, up to 1:00 pm, February 4th, 2020, the situation of respiratory diseases caused by new strains of corona virus (nCoV) in the world is as follows:
  • Total number of infected cases: 20.629, of which in mainland China: 20.438
  • Total deaths: 427, of which in mainland China: 425; Philippines: 01; Hong Kong: 01;
  • Total number of infected cases outside China: 191.
  • Number of countries and territories recorded infected cases:
    1. China: 20.438 (cases)
    2. Thailand: 19 (cases)
    3. Australia: 12 (cases)
    4. Singapore: 18 (cases)
    5. USA: 11 (cases)
    6. Japan: 20 (cases)
    7. Malaysia: 8 (cases)
    8. South Korea: 16 (cases)
    9. France: 6 (cases)
    10. Vietnam: 9 (cases)
    11. Cambodia: 1 (case)
    12. Canada: 4 (cases)
    13. Germany: 12 (cases)
    14. Nepal: 1 (case)
    15. Sri Lanka: 1 (case)
    16. UAE: 5 (cases)
    17. Porland: 1 (case)
    18. Hongkong, China: 15 (cases)
    19. Macau, China: 9 (cases)
    20. Taiwan, China: 10 (cases)
    21. Italia: 2 (cases)
    22. UK: 2 (cases)
    23. Russia: 2 (cases)
    24. India: 3 (case)
    25. Philippines: 2 (cases)
    26. Spain: 1 (case)
    27. Sweden: 1 (case)
(Center for emergency response to public health events – Ministry of Health)

2. Updates on Vietnames situation 2:00pm  February 2nd, 2020

  • Number of deaths: 00
  • Number of infected cases: 10 cases. Positive cases for nCoV, Including:
+ 02 Chinese patients.
+ 05 Vietnamese people are infected with nCoV. All 05 returned from Wuhan. In which 01 is successful treated, 04 cases are being isolated and treated at Central Tropical Hospital 2;
+ 01 Vietnamese, the patient is a receptionist at the hotel, has close contact with 02 Chinese people being treated in Vietnam. The patient was confirmed positive for nCoV on January 31, 2020.
+ 01 US patient flied from the United States to Vietnam on January 14, 2020, transit at Wuhan Airport, China and on January 16, 2020, landing at Tan Son Nhat airport. The patient was hospitalized on January 31, 2020 and confirmed positive for nCoV.
  • Successful treated: 03 case.
  • Number of suspected cases of infection with nCoV virus (with signs of fever, cough, coming from epidemic areas): 270 cases, including:
  • 78 cases of isolation and follow-up closely for not infect to the community.
  • In addition, there were 43 cases of normal health, no signs of fever, cough but still isolated for close contact with people suspected of being infected with the nCoV virus.

3. How to prevent and manage the disease:

  • Avoid traveling, sight seeing if you have fever, cough or trouble in breathing. Immediately seek medical attention when symptoms become suspicious. Also, share your travel schedule with medical staff.
  • Avoid contact with people with fever, cough. Wash your hands often with soap, avoiding your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or a sleeve. After using the tissue, put it in the trash and wash your hands.
  • If you see signs of being sick while traveling, you should immediately notify aviation, railway and car personnel and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Only use cooked foods.
  • Do not spit in public. Avoid close contact with pets or wild animals.
  • Wear a mask when going to a crowded place or when contacting with someone who has symptoms.

NCoV medical examination and treatment facility:

  • Adults in Ho Chi Minh City: Tropical Diseases Hospital.
  • Children in Ho Chi Minh City: Children’s Hospital 1; Children’s Hospital 2; City Children’s Hospital.
  • Adults and children in other provinces: Provincial General Hospital and / or Pediatric Hospital (or Pediatric Department).
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