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Staffs’ stories – Anh Le

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

At Pacific Cross Vietnam, we truly care about our employees as we realize that their diligence and commitment to their work is where our success originates.

We have a family-like working environment, professionalism and respect on all levels. Our employees have excellent opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

We understand that everyone defines happiness in their own way and every employee has their own story to tell. Let’s find out the story of Anh Le!

  1. How long have you worked at Pacific Cross Vietnam?

Up to now, I’ve worked at Pacific Cross Vietnam for 3 years.

  1. What brought you to Pacific Cross Vietnam?

3 years ago, I wanted to find a stable job related to office administration in a foreign working environment. I was looking for self-development and a long-term job, then I found a recruitment for claims job at Pacific Cross Vietnam on a job seeking website, I found that this job matched my criteria, so I applied for this job. Thanks God for giving me a job that I was really expected for.

  1. What do you do every day?

Currently, I am a member of Claims Department for a health insurance product. Every day, I review claim files sent by clients after having their treatments at the hospital and completing their payments for the hospitals. I analyze and evaluate on the claim documents to determine whether the claim meets our policy wording to make the right decision on accepting or denying claims. In addition, I work directly with hospitals across the country to provide direct billing for inpatient clients.

  1. What do you like the most in your job?

While working at Claims Department, it requires me to consider, as well as analyze and evaluate client’s illnesses and injuries, understand the symptoms as well as the causes and treatments. Therefore, I need to search medical knowledge on the internet related to that particular illness and injury. In addition to that, I also get advice from reliable doctors. As a result, I have certain medical knowledge to support my work. I also apply those medical knowledge from work into my everyday life, I consult my friends, family and myself about the ways of prevention and treatment related to health care.

Another thing I would like to share with you is that while working at Pacific Cross Vietnam I participated in a charity program with a Korean team of doctors, we went to the Mekong Delta at Ben Tre City, where we provided free medical checkups and treatments to local people. My duty was an English interpreter. Thanks to the job that I am doing at Pacific Cross Vietnam, I have medical knowledge that I brought to the charity to support doctors in communicate with local people. All the team members including me felt very happy about the charity trip as it was very successful. I personally learned a lot from that trip and it made me love my job even more and I can see myself when I am doing the claims job. Because I find that the work that I am doing gives me a meaningful value of life. There is a quote which is very true to me “Wherever you are or whatever you do. Being yourself is the happiest thing.”

  1. After work, what do you like to do most?

After work, I spend my time to learn new foreign language, I exercise and play sports to get fitness. Also, I love hanging out with my close friends and cooking with my family at the weekend.

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