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Staffs’ stories – Huong Hoang

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

At Pacific Cross Vietnam, we truly care about our employees as we realize that their diligence and commitment to their work is where our success originates. We have a family-like working environment, professionalism and respect on all levels.

Our employees have excellent opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. We understand that everyone defines happiness in their own way and every employee has their own story to tell. Let’s find out the story of Huong Hoang!

  1. How long have you worked at Pacific Cross Vietnam?

Up to now, I have worked at Sales Department of Pacific Cross Vietnam for more than 1 years.

  1. What brought you to Pacific Cross Vietnam?

It came very naturally, a friend of mine told me that I was very successful at my previous company, if I moved to Pacific Cross Vietnam, I would have ability to earn very high income and I would be able to improve my English skills because this is a foreign company. After thinking for a while, I applied for the job here. Fortunately, I was accepted for the job and now I’m very satisfied with my current job.

  1. What do you do every day?

My daily job is to email customers, process customers’ claims, then keep track of customers’ insurance claims to make sure that the claim process finished within the time we have committed to the customers. After that, I make appointments with individuals, schools and companies and if I have an appointment with customers then I will come to meet them.

  1. What do you like the most in your job?

There are two things I enjoy working here. Firstly, when I receive a customer email saying that “I am very interested in health insurance” and then when I have a face to face meeting with the customer, after consulting about insurance products, they will buy insurance and fill in the application immediately. Secondly, I’m working at Sales Department, so we are very active as well as fun to play with during working hours, when I feel stress, jokes and talking to each other make me feel very relaxed.

  1. After work, what do you like to do most?

After working hours, I want to invite my friends or relatives to go to the cinema or go to the lounge, because I love singing as well as listening to music.

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