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Staffs’ stories – Tuyen Hong

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

At Pacific Cross Vietnam, we truly care about our employees as we realize that their diligence and commitment to their work is where our success originates. We have a family-like working environment, professionalism and respect on all levels.

Our employees have excellent opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. We understand that everyone defines happiness in their own way and every employee has their own story to tell. Let’s find out the story of Tuyen Hong!

1. How long have you worked at Pacific Cross Vietnam?

I have worked at Pacific Cross Vietnam for more than 2 years.

2. What brought you to Pacific Cross Vietnam?

My previous working environment was at a clinic, I worked with many insurance companies so I found that it is important to use health insurance in a modern life today. So, I became an employee of Pacific Cross Vietnam insurance administrator.

3. What do you do every day?

My daily work is to communicate, explain about the products as well as answer questions about the benefits of health insurance products for customers.

4. What do you like the most in your job?

What I like the most in customer service job is to provide the necessary information and answer customer’s queries about using health insurance products. In addition, I’m able to learn insurance knowledge as well as the ability to communicate with customers. Besides, I’m supported by my colleagues so I have a lot of excitement in my work.

5. After work, what do you like to do most?

After work, I come back home as the woman of the family. I help doing housework with my mother-in-law and take care of my children.

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