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Cancer case in Vietnam

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

Cancer and other special diseases are often excluded, so make sure you check your policy wording and know what you’re getting. With some example cancer case below, Pacific Cross hope it helpful for you.

1. Cancer Case 1 – A new form of Treatment?

Cancer case in Vietnam

Diagnosis: Malignant Skin Melanoma (Skin Cancer)

Summary: A long term health insurance client around 50 years of age, was diagnosed with skin cancer while living in Vietnam. After weighing options, the client decided to seek treatment in a nearby country, at a reputable medical facility.

Doctors informed the client that for this particular type of cancer, a new form of treatment was available as an option. Due to the relative ‘newness’ of the medicine used in this treatment, the costs would be significantly higher than a standard treatment regimen.

Estimated treatment cost: 38 Billion VND (approx. 1.6 Million USD)

Other treatment options were also made available to the client, and despite their affordability compared to the cutting edge option, they still would lead to medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Cancer Case 2 – A Familiar Story

Cancer case in Vietnam

Diagnosis: Malignant Breast Neoplasm (Breast Cancer)

Summary: A client covered by PCV health insurance for approximately two years was diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in Vietnam with over 40,000 cases expected by 2020. After rounds of treatment, and finally a surgery, the client was released from hospital on the road to recovery.

Estimated treatment cost: 880 million VND (approx. 39,000 USD)

As the client had been insured for over a year, she had passed the waiting period for cancer of other special diseases, so her treatment was eligible for coverage.

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