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Travel Insurance Myths

Publisher/Author : Pacific Cross

Do you understand exactly about travel insurance?

1. MYTH 1: Travel Insurance isn’t necessary. Nothing will happen to me

It may be true that serious accidents, illnesses and emergencies don’t often happen when travelling, but the fact is they still can happen. This is exactly what travel insurance is for. Things such as emergency medical evacuations can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and are quite unpredictable!

2. MYTH 2: Buying Travel Insurance is expensive and complicated

With our new online purchase system, buying travel insurance from Pacific Cross Vietnam has never been so easy.

  • * Buy Travel Flex from $0.81/day
  • * Buy Bon Voyage from $0.95/ day

3. MYTH 3: The Travel Insurance claim process is too long

Pacific Cross Vietnam processes travel claims in 5 working days

4. MYTH 4: Travel Insurance Companies will find reasons to reject my claim

The insurance industry is highly regulated and any legitimate claim must be paid according to policy rules. 83% of travelers affected by an unforeseen event were satisfied with their travel insurance provided by Pacific Cross Vietnam (*).

(*) Pacific Cross Vietnam 2016 data

5. MYTH 5: Travel insurance cannot cover the elderly

While the age range for travel insurance cover is not as wide as with health insurance, Pacific Cross Vietnam Travel Insurance can cover those from 6 weeks up to 75 years of age.

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